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Class of . . . terminology, clarification.
The designation 'Class of ' refers to the July of the year of leaving of the cohort of students of which you were a member; assuming this to be after 2 years in the Sixth Form.

In other words it is the year you would have left CNS if you had stayed on for 2 years in the Sixth Form.

Hence, if you left school at 16 in 1974, you are part of Class of 1976.

More examples:
If you left school in the upper sixth in July 1988, you are in Class of 1988.
If you left the school in Year 11 in July 1986; you are really part of Class of 1988, because they are your peers who you spent five years with.
Similarly if you were expelled in S Year in May 1983, or left after 3rd Year Sixth in 1989; you are still part of Class of 1988.

Most commonly, it is the year you reached the age of 18.

To confirm your calculated Class-of designation, you should recognise the names of your class-mates listed under that year.

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